Is Edversation an ed tech startup?

Edversation documents my journey toward an ambitious goal: 1. putting all the schools in the world on a map, and 2. sparking and facilitating a global conversation about education.

As I begin this journey, I ask myself the question, is Edversation an ed tech startup? This question isn’t easy for me to answer. On one hand, it is about education, and it involves technology. On the other hand, when I think about most ed tech companies I’m familiar with, they fall into certain categories that Edversation is not a part of (for example, startups that help teachers teach or help students learn). I tend to think of Edversation as a civic media project. Civic media makes me think about other transparency initiatives (such as or, and the ethos of civic media aligns more closely with my long term goals.

As I consider the pros and cons of labeling one way versus the other, I embark on an attempt to categorize the whilrwind world of ed tech, to see where I might fit in. Others have attempted ed tech market maps before (edSurge took over where New Schools Venture Fund began). Mine is a work in progress, and I’ll be writing more about it soon. Check it out.

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