More with Google Fusion Tables…

I want to make a map that changes based on user input. A map with a dynamic data source. Seems simple enough.  I hear good things about Mapbox so I downloaded Mapbox Studio and started playing with it, but it was pretty confusing to figure out how to do what I wanted. Maybe it just has way more functionality than I need.  So I went back to the simple Google Fusion Tables I’ve used before, and took them one step further.

I followed these directions on how to sync fusion tables with Google spreadsheets. It was straightforward but involved a few firsts for me:

  • My first time using the script editor on a Google spreadsheet.
  • My first time using the Google Developers Console
  • My first time enabling a Google API (Fusion Tables API)
  • My first time creating credentials to access an API
  • My first time using Advanced Google Services

Clearly, this is some 101 level stuff, but I’m still proud of getting through it! It involved some troubleshooting. Now I have a map that automatically updates when I update a spreadsheet. Yay!

Next step: turn the spreadsheet into a form, so that I have an interface for inputting information.

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