Education in the election- Julia’s 2016 voter guide for San Francisco and California

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Voting in this year’s election is overwhelming. The federal presidential election is a depressing circus, and if you’re in San Francisco the local voter guides are over 500 pages long.


Here is the Julia voter guide for the education issues on the ballot:

TL;DR: Yes.

California statewide propositions

  • Yes on Prop 51: school bond = more money for education. California ranks near the bottom of states in the nation in school funding. We need this. more info
  • Yes on Prop 58:  allow non-English languages in public schools (this repeals  a racist proposition from the 90s, and research shows bilingual education improves learning outcomes) more info

San Francisco local measures

  • Yes on Measure A: school bonds for SFUSD (more money for facilities) more info
  • Yes on Measure B: funding for City College of San Francisco more info
  • Yes on Measure F: allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in local elections (I’m for it, though most people I know are against it… I guess it comes down to: I have faith in our teens) more info
  • Yes on Measure N: allow non-citizens who are residents and parents of SFUSD students to vote for School Board more info

San Francisco School Board candidates:

  • School Board- vote for up to 4 people. I like Matt Haney (he’s the incumbent and has been doing a good job) more info and Ian Kalin (I’ve met him- he’s smart, passionate, and data-driven) more info.
  • Community College Board- vote for up to 4 people. I haven’t been following this as closely. The SF Chronicle recommends Alex Randolph who seems legit. more info

Agree? Disagree? I’m curious what you think. Most importantly, GO FREAKING VOTE!


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