2018, in review.

Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t post in here for an entire year. There are many topics I want to write about, many half-written blurbs sitting in my drafts folder. Will 2019 be the year I write more? Maybe, maybe not. But I’m overdue for the color-coded recap of 2018, so here it goes.

Let’s start with the summary chart of the last 3 years:

screen shot 2019-01-17 at 1.00.32 am

To summarize, socializing with friends increased, while socializing with family and coworkers decreased, as did days spent on extracurriculars or on traveling. I am (pleasantly) surprised that the socializing with friends increased in 2018, and somewhat surprised that socializing with family decreased, considering that having a baby might mean that I have less time for friends and spend more time with family. Interesting that that’s not exactly what happened. And as expected, I dedicated much less of my free time to coworkers, extracurriculars, or traveling.

Out of 365 days in 2018:

Green- “spending time with friends”

188 days/ 365 = 52%
(in 2017 it was 162 days or 45%)

Wow, I would have totally guessed that I would spend less time with friends this year, and I can’t believe I spent even more time with friends considering I had a baby this year. When I look at whose names are highlighted green, I notice one name in particular, one of my best friends who I spent a lot of time with this year for two reasons: she moved close to me, and I wanted to spend more time with her. Overall, the names in green are mostly the same small set of names repeated- the same list from 2017, in fact- my close friends in San Francisco and a few in the east bay who I spent a lot of time with. I did not spend much time with acquaintances this year.

Red- “spending time with family”

81 days/ 365 = 22%
(in 2017 it was 95 days or 26%)

It’s surprising that my time with family dropped last year, considering we had the baby. I can imagine a few reasons for this though. One is that my sister moved out of state, and another is that often when my parents came to visit the baby, I would leave the house to take advantage of the babysitting, so I didn’t count those days as family time. We also didn’t go on a two week vacation last year like we did the year before.

Yellow- “spending time with coworkers”

13 days/ 365 = 4%
(in 2017 it was 25 days or 7%)

As I predicted a year ago, I’m not surprised that this dropped, and in fact I’m surprised that I even spent 13 evenings with coworkers. I spend much less time socializing after work with my current coworkers than I did at my previous company. That being said, I still love my job. And I still socialize with coworkers from my old company, but now those guys are in the green category as friends.

Orange- “extracurricular activities”

3 days/ 365= 1%
(in 2017 it was 26 days or 7%)

Wow, this one really dropped. But I expected this. This year I resigned from both my previous extracurricular activities- I resigned from the school board I was on, and I did not take on a new Women in Management group at Stanford. My main extracurricular was volunteering with Crisis Text Line, which I didn’t do as much as I would have liked. I hope I can take on more shifts this year. I did attend an event with the founder of Crisis Text Line and it reaffirmed my desire to be a part of the organization– Nancy Lublin is an inspirational leader and I would follow her.

Purple- “out of town vacations”

5 out of town weekends out of 52 = 10%
(in 2017 this was 20 weekends or 38%)

30 out of town days out of 365 = 8%
(in 2017 this was 81 days or 22%

Wow, this section is definitely the one that took the biggest hit. And I’m not surprised. I didn’t travel at all the couple months preceding or right after having a baby, and having a baby definitely hampers your ability to go on quick jaunts out of town.

Looking at the trips I did go on, I am proud that we were able to go to two out-of-town weddings with the baby, and I also am happy that I got to go on two trips by myself without the baby.

In terms of how I predict these numbers changing for 2019, I expect green to remain high (I naturally prioritize seeing friends), red to stay the same (seeing family), hopefully purple will go up (I didn’t travel the last couple months of my pregnancy and the first couple months after having a baby, but I hope we can be more adventurous this year). I expect yellow will stay the same (I like my job but I don’t want to spend many evenings or weekends with my coworkers) but I would like to see orange go up a bit (get more involved with a couple extracurricular activities that I can do on an ad hoc basis).

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