Using my right brain- exploring the arts

This week has given me a couple opportunities to explore the arts.

Yesterday I watched my friend Ben perform in the CCSF jazz band’s spring concert. It was my first time at the CCSF campus and it felt good to feel the comforting energy of a college campus. When I walked into the Diego Rivera Theatre I noticed that no one in the audience was on their phones; everyone was enjoying the music. So I put my phone away and enjoyed the music too.

Screen Shot 2019-05-09 at 1.02.40 AM

that’s my friend Ben on piano on the very left


Tonight I went with my friends Deborah and Richard to my first figure drawing class. There was a nude model and everything. It was at 23rd Street Studio.

It’s actually pretty cool to see how I got better with time. It was a 3 hour session and the duration of each pose the model held increased, so I was able to get more detailed with the last couple poses (20 minutes each, as opposed to the first couple at 7 minutes).

What I appreciated most about each of these experiences was the chance to unplug. No phones, no talking. Just enjoying the art, both as an audience member and as a participant.


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