2019, in review.

What better time to review 2019 than halfway through 2020?

Let’s start with a summary chart of the last 4 years:

To summarize, socializing with friends went down but is still extremely high, seeing family went down, and time spent with coworkers went up. Unfortunately time spent on extracurriculars went all the way to zero, but a pleasant surprise was that days spent traveling more than doubled.

My prediction for 2020 (as fair as it is to make a prediction, given we’re halfway through the year) is that green and red will be high, while yellow, orange, and purple will all go significantly down.

Out of 365 days in 2019:

Green- “spending time with friends

166 green days is 45%.

(In 2018, 188 green days were 52%).

This number is still high and continues to show the same pattern of me prioritizing spending time with friends above many other things. The names continue to be mostly a small set of my closest friends in the Bay Area, as well as friends I saw while traveling. I was glad to see this number was high even though I worked all of 2019, as opposed to part of 2018.

Red- “spending time with family”

61 red days is 17%.

(In 2018, 81 days was 22%.)

This number went down significantly and surprisingly is the lowest it’s been since I started tracking it. This might be because I worked the whole year and my sister lived out of town.

Yellow- “spending time with coworkers”

25 days/ 365 = 7%

(In 2018, 13 days was 4%.)

I was surprised to see this number go up so much, since my prediction was that it would stay the same, and I wasn’t looking to spend more evenings or weekends with coworkers. I ended up being more social than I expected, and I had a few work trips to places like Chicago, Vegas, and Aptos that made this number go up.

Orange- Extracurriculars went down to zero.

(In 2018, 3 days was 1%.)


This was a tough one to see continue to drop and literally go down to zero, and I started recognizing toward the end of the year how much this was affecting me. Outside of work and family, I only made time to see friends, and most of that took a lot of childcare coordination. I did not make room in my schedule for extracurricular activities.

My new year’s resolution for 2019 was to spend 10 minutes a day reading about current events in Syria, and that was something I would have considered an extracurricular activity but I failed at that, too.

This is one that is affecting my mental health and while I don’t foresee 2020 being the year where much changes, I’d like to set myself up for a better situation in 2021.

Purple- Traveling

76 days out of town is 21%.

(In 2018, 30 days was 28%.)

15 out of town weekends out of 52 is 29%.

(In 2018, 5 out of town weekends was 10%.)

Unsurprisingly, 2019 had more travel days than 2018, but I was still pleasantly surprised to see how dramatically the numbers went up to one of the highest recorded. 2018 was so much about staying home and adjusting to our new life, so it was really exciting to be able to feel human and travel again in 2019. We traveled together both with our child as well as separately from him, since he was old enough to leave home with someone else watching him.

The 76 days broke down as follows:
– 5 girls trips (2 bachelorette parties, one sister-sister trip, one sister’s 30th birthday girls trip, one childhood friends national park trip)
– 1 “just us” getaway (Vegas)
– 2 weddings (Cancun and Santa Cruz)
– 1 “just the 3 of us” trip (Sonoma)
– 6 work trips (Chicago, Vegas, and DC, two of which I extended for pleasure)
– 1 long weekend getaway with a friend and her child (Redwoods)
– 1 family reunion (Toronto)
– 1 extended east coast visit (Boston/ Maine)
– 1 trip to LA over Thanksgiving to see family
– 1 family vacation (Cancun)

Since 2020 is both expectedly and unexpectedly going to have almost no out of town travel, I am so glad we have all of these trip memories from 2019 to look back on. I hope that 2021 will involve us getting out more again.

The main thing I think about, in terms of increasing my satisfaction in 2021, is to set up more time for extracurriculars. 2020 might not be the year for that, but not having that time in 2018 or 2019 has been difficult.

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